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 im just bored out of my mind so ill do em until i hit post limit, have your submit box open yo

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Anonymous said: Would you mind role playing as Lestat for me and my character, love?

I actually don’t roleplay anymore, i’m sorry! But thank you for asking! I’m honored you would ask :) Though I do have a few followers who roleplay as Lestat so if any of them would like to help this anon out, shoot me a message and I’ll post it!
Also, just out of curiosity, who is your character?

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loki-your-eternal-god said: Where have you been all my life, my love?

Why, I’ve been right here, waiting!

I’d like to meet the devil some night, I’d chase him from here to the wilds of the Pacific. I am the devil.
Lestat from Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice (via vampire-chronicles-appreciation)

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