Anonymous said: Well, I would say I prefer Tom Cruise's. Not because I like him or anything, it's just that I think he is more ... Lestat. Maybe because he is the first one to portray?

I can’t really argue with that. They definitely portray the character in two very different ways. Tom Cruise plays a great Lestat, I just like Townsend more. Thanks for your opinion!

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Anonymous said: who do you think is a better portray of Lestat?

My favorite has to be Stuart Townsend. I love Tom Cruise’s portrayal, but I much prefer Townsend. What does everybody else think?

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  • Lestat: [sucks blood from the vampire queen and causes shit]
  • Marius: Lestat what the fuck did I tell you about-
  • Lestat: It's a metaphor.
  • Marius: What.
  • Lestat: You put the killer queen between your teeth-
  • Marius: No.
  • Lestat: but you don't give her the power to do the killing.
  • Marius: You're only alive because she likes you, you piece of shit.
  • Lestat: A metaphor.
  • Marius: People are dead.

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Anonymous said: Would you mind role playing as Lestat for me and my character, love?

I actually don’t roleplay anymore, i’m sorry! But thank you for asking! I’m honored you would ask :) Though I do have a few followers who roleplay as Lestat so if any of them would like to help this anon out, shoot me a message and I’ll post it!
Also, just out of curiosity, who is your character?

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